Social Unrest in Manchester’s Student Capital

Anti-social behaviour is the most commonly reported crime in Fallowfield; a suburb that has been home to Manchester’s students since Edwardian times.

While the student population provides an economic boost for the area it also creates some social issues. Within the population, there are those that have fun without causing any detriment to others; the problems occur when some people find themselves clashing with older residents and families.

Fallowfield crime statistics

Number of each crime reported in Fallowfield – Jan 2016 – Dec 2016

In 2016, anti-social behaviour accounted for nearly a third of the 1822 crimes that were reported to police. The law defines ASB as behaving in a way that: “Caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons.”

Last year the two Manchester universities funded a scheme which hired security guards to patrol the area during key dates. If a household violates a noise abatement notice given by the police it can lead to various consequences – from the confiscations of equipment to criminal prosecution.

The map shows some of the worst streets for noise complaints and ASB.

Mary Bainbridge lives in Fallowfield and has been a resident here for over 10 years. She told us that: “We have always had problems here with parties and young people causing trouble”. Mrs Bainbridge went on to explain that her family is regularly disturbed late at night.

Students on the other hand would argue that anyone living in Fallowfeld must expect a certain level of disturbance in an area dominated by young people. 22-year-old psychology student Jamie Green thinks that: “If people have a problem here they should move to one of the multiple other Manchester suburbs that are known to be quieter.”

Video: aftermath of a Halloween party in Fallowfield.

Of course, not all the crime and anti-social behaviour is committed by students and they can often find themselves the victims. The police list ‘keeping the students of Manchester safe’ as one of their priorities in Fallowfield and Manchester City Council states that 1 in 10 students will become victims of crime.


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